Veggie Fortnight- Nights Five and Six

Night five of ‘Veggie Fortnight’ was spent at work (where both myself and Twin maintained our veggie promises) and ended around 12am with the following meal, well snack.

Almond topped Iced Bun.

Night Six.

Night six was much more successful, and brought about another, different kind of bread recipe. I used a recipe for Naan bread from the bbcgoodfood website (aka my Bible) and found it pretty easy to follow and very quick. The result wasn’t as soft as shop-bought or restaurant naan’s but I think that will come with a bit of practice.However, the taste was great and the basic Naan recipe is very adaptable, although I did just stick with a simple garlic and coriander. The Naan accompanied a Courgette and Aubergine curry, wild rice, mint raita and pickled carrots.

Here’s a link to the Naan recipe , if you’re feeling an indian feast coming on.



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