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Study Music, take two.

I will get round to posting a proper blog post one of the days, but whilst I’m snowed under a mountain of reading for uni I will post another track which is helping ease the pain. Ray LaMontagne ticks all the folk boxes, shabbily dressed-tick, dishevelled -tick, big, bushy beard- TICK. Consequently, one can only assume his music is phenomenal, an assumption which is thoroughly correct. The ‘God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise’ album is one of the few albums with constantly good/great tracks, no weak links in this chain. Ray LaMontagne along with his accompanying band The Pariah Dogs, provide a stellar folk soundtrack to the monotony of University reading, with LaMontagne’s dulcet tones soothing all stress induced migraines.

My personal favourite from the album being ‘New York City’s Killing Me’ a track one cannot listen to without feeling like they’ve been transported into an Indie movie lamenting about the strife city living brings. Although its beyond me why anybody would want to leave NYC, LaMontagne’s pretty damn convincing. Enjoy!