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Guest Blog- Twin Takeover

So I’ve been busy at home and lacking in inspiration for a real blog post (as much as I enjoy my study music posts, I need to provide you guys with some proper posts!) so I’ve handed my blog over to my sister for her first post… Enjoy!

Formal Hall at St.John’s College, Cambridge

For a ‘normal’ student I eat an extraordinary number of three course meals.  I think I probably average a good 1.75 a week over the course of a term. Last night, however, was slightly different affair as I dined at St. John’s College. Don’t get me wrong, Selwyn is lovely, and Formal Hall at Selwyn is no shabby affair. But Formal Hall at St. John’s has a slight edge. The Hall itself was built in the early 1500s and like most Cambridge buildings is at its finest when candlelit.  The real star of the show, apart from my glittering company obviously, was the food. Three courses in Cambridge can be fairly cheap, and so the standard sometimes drops, but the menu at John’s was one of the finest I’ve eaten and the best formal in Cambridge I’ve experienced.

The starter was by far my favourite course, it was the kind of salad your mum would order at a restaurant and then tell her friends about for days after. Not to sound too “masterchef” but the fig-pink grapefruit combination was a brilliant balancing of flavours with its sharpness really standing out against the chicory/fennel base. The main was similarly good. I went with white wine to go with the pork, breaking the rule of ‘red wine with red meat’, which, with pork, is a grey area anyway. Plus red wine makes me sleepy.  The meat was tender and the portion sizes perfect, which, being in a group of girls is always a concern calorie wise. The dessert was a baked chocolate fondant that was so good a fellow diner exclaimed that she would “be sad when it was over.”

We followed the meal with Cocktails at The Vaults, as no “Girls Night Out’ would be complete with fruity drinks, and who can resist a Happy Hour.  In Cambridge we have a saying – “I’d rather be at Oxford than St. John’s.” Well I’ve been to Oxford, granted I’ve only been to Wagamamma’s there, but still St. John’s definitely has better food on offer, so for now I think I’ll stay on the light blue side.

Baked Chocolate Fondant served with Cotes Du Rhone Blanc Guigal 2010 (the “less sleepy” wine option.)

Rachel. x