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Study Music, take eight.

I’m going to be that person, that person who says ‘ooh I knew them before everyone loved them’, because for once, I actually did. So hand me some cool points for this choice, as this girl is going to be the new Laura Marling/Florence Welsh-typey-folky singer of ‘2k12’. Daughter’s track ‘Youth’ from her 2011 EP ‘The Wild Youth’ is today’s glorious study track. I first saw her as a support act for Benjamin Francis Leftwich ¬†( an equally amazing artist) and have to be honest what first struck me was the Johnny Depp look-a-like acommpanying her on the guitar, but after that, my attention was drawn to her and she played an absolutely beautiful set, her soft vocals and rising ¬†instrumental tracks slide her nicely in the Laura¬†Marling category of ‘newly mainstream female folk’ but this definitely shouldn’t be a bad thing. So check her out, as she will be everywhere, but remember, ‘I liked her before she was cool’.