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Study Music, take three.

I normally don’t buy into hype, but sometimes, one has to realise that many things are hyped for good reasons. As a staunch Zooey Deschanel fan since Elf and the beautiful 500 Days of Summer I am totally riding the Deschanel hype wave right now. Anyone who’s recently fallen in love with her after watching New Girl (and quite rightly) should check out her musical effort with folk/country singer M.Ward, known collectively as She and Him. Like a modern day Carpenters, She & Him’s take on country infused folk is transporting, evocative of 1920’s swing jazz coupled with almost Formby-esque ukulele rifts, it is truly enchanting.

My late-night-studying go to album is ‘She & Him: Volume one’ , with my favourite tracks being, ‘Black Hole’,

And Why do you let me stay here?