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Study Music, Take Nine.

BEARDED IRISH MAN ALERT!! Let me introduce you to the wonderfully talented, James Vincent McMorrow-esque, Marc o’Reilly…

I can’t get enough of this guy, he’s irish, folky and bearded, doesn’t get better. There’s not a lot of his music on youtube, but if you check out his official website you can find more, and of course iTunes, for those with a few pretty pennies to spare for a really talented guy who deserves to make it big. I’ve been obsessively checking his tour dates, but alas, he is nowhere near in the immediate future, but hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be able to put his name on my ‘Best gigs 2k12’ list.

So here’s a track of his called ‘Foo’, Enjoy!


Guest Blog – Twin Takeover (II)

Cheeky guest blog from the twin as I’ve been pretty dull recently…

The Royal Albert Hall

A few weeks ago I did something stupid. I bought a £55 ticket to a gig three hours away from where I live. Yet sometimes stupidity is a blessing, and this was definitely one of those times. This wasn’t just any old gig. It was Florence + The Machine, and it was the Royal Albert Hall. I probably should also throw in the word “orchestral” somewhere as well, but rather than wait for a convenient time I’ll just play that card now. Florence + the Machine, an orchestra, at the Royal Albert Hall.

The Royal Albert Hall feels special, the high arches and domed ceiling means you could watch an episode of The Apprentice there and it would seem like a dreamy night in the 1920s. The gig was in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust, meaning the ticket price was well worth it as it raised a load of money for an excellent cause.

Support came from “Big Deal”, which whilst it might have been for them certainly wasn’t for us. Obviously opening for such a powerhouse main act is a tough gig but the Anglo-American duo did little out of the ordinary to entertain the audience and live up to the spectacle of the occasion. Also, bizarrely, Caroline Flack compered the evening, which was wholly unnecessary considering it consisted of only two acts. But I suppose she needs to get work from someone to keep her in those mini skirts and non-existent shorts. Rock legend Roger Daltry also popped up with a teenage boy to say a little about the brilliant work the teenage cancer trust does for teens around the country.

Florence Welch – A woman so pale her facial features cannot be detected by the average phone camera…

After what seemed like a lifetime Florence arrived, dressed all in gold and pale as a ghost. And she didn’t disappoint. From her opening song, the brilliant The Source Cover ‘You’ve Got The Love, to ‘Shake It Out’ to close she relentlessly showcased her amazing voice. Both Ceremonials and Lungs are excellent records, but they almost don’t do justice to her talent and the sheer power of her vocals. Set in the backdrop of the beautiful hall and accompanied by a full orchestra it was truly something special. Despite saying she was nervous Welch handled the occasion like a pro, engaging with the audience between songs and looking nothing short of ethereal during her performances. Before closing the show she engaged the audience with a spectacular rendition of Dog Days Are Over reminding everyone just why they fell in love with Florence and the Machine in the first place.

And so we all left happy and content with having helped out a brilliant charity. Oh and with even bigger girl crushes on Florence Welch. What. a. woman.

Rachel xx

Noah and the Whale.

I have always been a massive fan of Charlie Fink and the boys, their second album ‘The First Days of Spring’ is absolutely phenomenal. So I was overjoyed to hear they were playing at the HMV Picturehouse last Tuesday, this joy was quickly replaced with despair when I realised the tickets were sold out and greedy seat-wave sellers wanted 45 quid for a single ticket. Alas I turned to my old friend Gumtree. I am under the impression (and have yet to be proven wrong) that Gumtree sells, buys and advertises pretty much everything that has ever existed, ever. And I was right, multiple emails later following a pleading post from myself, I acquired two tickets, at face value from a very nice middle-aged woman named Sharon (Sharon’s sister has bailed last-minute, her boss was in Australia and she needed to work overtime on a project that was being presented the following week – Sharon , albeit extremely lovely, was a massive over sharer). So me and the twin headed to the packed HMV Picture amongst many prepubescent cringe fan-girls and plenty of ageing hipsters. Emmy the Great supported, a great band with a great ‘sound’ but the lead singer is extremely unlikable and not at all engaging. Her attempt at ‘crowd banter’ extending to an ‘OMG its so cool you’re here’, however, their set was faultless and her live performance proved she is an exceptional talent.

Apologies for the poor quality snap, but check out the dapper attire.

On to the main act, Noah and the freaking whale. Their set was one of the best live performances I have ever seen, possibly one of the greatest gigs I’ve attended (bar Bon Iver, no one beats Justin Vernon) Playing a mixture of all three albums, they weaved in and out of emotional ballads to crowd favourites. The set was pretty damn long and felt almost tailored to me as they played every one of my faves. I was totally surprised by their stage presence, Charlie Fink is one hell of a show man, engaging and effortlessly cool. All donned tailored suits and quirky handkerchiefs, ties and braces and all have an uncanny ability to play numerous instruments, many two at a time. Tom Hobden’s fiddle skills were indescribable,he certainly is the Jimi Hendrix of the string world. I would, given the chance, see them play again and again and again. After all, who doesn’t enjoy chanting L-I-F-E-G-O-E-S-O-N with an eclectic crowd of fellow Noah fans.

So I’m attaching  the crowd pleaser that is ‘Tonight’s the kind of night’ from the newest album Last Night On Earth…

My all time favourite, despite being hugely depressing, ‘I Have Nothing’ from the First Days Of Spring album…

And, for Rach, ‘Love of an Orchestra’