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Study Music, take seven.

Why does ‘Skins’ ruin everything? Literally everything, not only is it God-awful viewing and a massive misrepresentation of British youth, it has gone and ruined Tom Rosenthal. No I do not mean the cute Jewish Comedian from Friday Night Dinners, Tom Rosenthal, I mean Singer-songwriter extraordinaire , writer of Keep a Private Room Behind the Shop. Actually, I’m not going to say Skin’s had ruined him, that is not possible, however, it has tainted him with the horrible connection of being on such a vapid television show, however, it will introduce the masses of teenage hightop-wearing-dub-step-listening girls and boys to a truly wonderful album. The song used on the show , ‘Take care’ is pretty dramatic with Tom Yorke style vocals set to a piano backing- its pretty damn good. So try to remove any knowledge of it’s Skins connection and Enjoy it… 

But if you just can’t shake the knowledge, try a non-skins-tainted track, try this track by Perfume Genius, called ‘Normal Song’. The only information you need to know is that he supported Beirut on tour- nothing else needs saying.