Time Wasting

So I will do absolutely anything to avoid being productive, and more often than not this involves searching the internet for mindless websites which will provide the necessary means for my procrastination. So I’m dedicating a whole page to the tit-bits I find across the world wide web that will hopefully help distract you from menial tasks such as essay writing, article reading and generally succeeding at life, hurrah!

Monday 27th February 2012:

I’m not going to even feign modesty about how great I am at this game, its quick, easy to play and if all else fails you can use your hangman skills in an attempt to guess what classic movie the item is depicting. Some are straight forward- Bicycle, two letter, errm let me guess – E.T? Others are pretty tricky and take a few leaps to reach the final answer. However it is utterly addictive and has many levels, so will keep those pesky essays at bay for at least half an hour…


Sunday 11th March 2012:

So unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should have heard of Pinterest. It is the most addictive thing ever (bar crack) and at the moment I’m averaging a click every half an hour. And since I received an invite I’ve spent the past few hours pinning till my hearts content. It’s billed as an ‘online pinboard’ a kind of collective, collaborative social network for people to share pictures, recipes, DIY tips, craft ideas, clothes, quotes …the list goes on. Sure some of its a bit too American for my liking ( cheesy quotes that are pinned under the heading ‘inspiration ♥’ and yes there are many pictures of people getting into shape, with captions such as ‘SWEAT IS JUST FAT CRYING’) but alas, its an awesome time waster and the constant stream of activity means you never have to get down to any work, you can just continue pressing ‘see more pins’.


Sunday 13th March 2012:

The Smoking Gun’s ‘Time Waster’ section is undoubtedly perfect for this section of my blog. I accidentally ‘stumbledupon’ it one day and ever since it has provided me with countless hours of entertainment and frustration, as I’m apparently rubbish at judging people by looks alone, damn if only I were more shallow (!) So the aim of the game is to check out the mugshots and guess which crime they have committed, or with what weapon they have committed a crime, or what their occupation is etc etc, basically judging a book by its cover. No matter how I many times I play this game I’ve never received the elusive 5/5 marks, try not to get obsessed with it, spending hours looking  at criminals when you’re  not in the police force is slightly soul destroying… enjoy!


Saturday 31st April 2012:

This Time-waster is predominately aimed at the female audience (or men with a penchant for kittens and personal grooming, I’m not here to judge). Hello Giggles is the brainchild of my idol and obsession Zooey Deschanel and two very funny ladies Sophia Rossi and Molly Mcaleer, aimed at ‘smart, independent and creative’ women it’s a far cry from being the female equivalent to Truelad.com. Breaking the stereotype it’s full of work by hilarious and unique female comedians and writers, however, reinforcing the stereotype it also has countless pages of beauty advice, shopping and ‘cuteness’. And pretty regularly a live feed of kittens, watchable 24 hours a day- that is my kind of website. So women, whether you’re embracing or rejecting female stereotypes HelloGiggles.com has something for you, and is abundant in it’s gifts, thus leaving less time for a productive life, perfect!



Friday 13th April 2012:

This website it truly awesome, a french made website that allows you to create your own band and choose your own sounds to create absolutely killer tracks. Choose an effect, a melody, a beat, a chorus and finally a voice and you have a band of ironically french looking black and white cartoons, with clothing to suit. I cannot believe how much time I have wasted on this one! Clickity Click now!



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