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Be Kind Rewind.

It’s Saturday, I have one final essay to write before the end of term, thus I am procrastinating. Standard procedure. So I’m taking a few minutes out of my obviously busy schedule to talk to you about a man, a man who has changed my life, a man who guides my every action, who makes life meaningful and wonderful.

No, I am not going to talk to you about Jesus. This man is Mos Def. And what a man he is.

Mos Def has , in my opinion, the midas touch, I will watch/listen/love everything and anything he turns his hand to. Now I could spend thousands of words expressing my love for the The New Danger album, ‘Blue Black Jack’ being my favourite. But this post is going to be dedicated to my love of his movies, in particular Be Kind Rewind ( but be sure to watch possibly one of the greatest movies of all time The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in which he provides , as per usual, a stellar performance)

Co-star Jack Black is possibly the most annoying man in the entire world, yet for some reason, I absolutely love him. His irritating need to constantly sing and inability to stand still just seems to work.Especially in ‘Be Kind Rewind’ where his clearly ADHD tendencies provide him with the perfect skills to re-enact or should that be reinvent cult classics such as Ghost Busters. I’m not going to bore you with a paragraph of plot lines and summaries, when a well placed trailer will do the trick. But I whole heartedly implore you to watch the trailer then watch the whole movie.

The soundtrack to Be Kind Rewind is ridiculously feel good, a few silly ditties that are so catchy thanks to jaunty piano backing and Mos Defs smokey vocals, the best hands down being the cover of Fred Fisher’s ‘Your Feets Too Big’ (which you 90’s kids may recognise as the theme tune to Harry and the Hendersons). The normally abundant Youtube has failed me on this, but if you have spotify, here’s the link the entire soundtrack…

Be Kind Rewind Soundtrack

So bun off any Uni work you have to do, call in sick and spend the whole day watching Mos Def movies, starting with Be Kind Rewind and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy then just slowly work down his imdb page, a guaranteed good time.


ps.when watching Hitchhiker’s Guide- don’t forget your towel.